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Greek Events Wellington

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Mission Statement

Greek culture in New Zealand has been challenged especially over recent years due to the declining number of events and awareness of these to all New Zealanders. We are determined and dedicated to maintaining Hellenism in New Zealand, striving to unite our community through Greek experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime.

​​About Us & Our Achievements
We are a group of passionate youth that formed a branch off The Greek Orthodox Community of Wellington Inc​; we are ambassadors ​for our culture​ and​ work tirelessly and voluntarily​ with the purpose of bringing you unique and world class events. ​We do not work in isolation, instead support all of our local brotherhoods and organisations to provide exposure of their events too​ in ​the ​hope of becoming the hub of ALL Greek events in Wellington.​ Have an event you'd like featured? Please get in touch with us at: Our love and passion are testament to the success of our events.​ ​We are pleased to have brought three incredible sold out events to our shores and plan to continue to put New Zealand on the map with more events in the future.

- Giorgos Tsalikis and Yiannis Kritikos - ​Friday 8th September ​2017​​
- Dimitris Basis - Saturday 12th May 2018
- George Kapiniaris - Friday 29th March 2019

Our mentors (The Greek Orthodox Community of Wellington's Executive Committee) believe that it is their responsibility to not only support the traditional needs of the community (such as the Church and the Greek School) but also take up every sound opportunity to unite the community by promoting and celebrating our culture, the reason why our group exists. Any proceeds from our events are held by the Greek Orthodox Community of Wellington Inc for the purpose of holding future events that will benefit the community and meet our objectives.

A big thank you for supporting us and your encouragement. To see our community having such a good time at all of our events is such a special thing to see; after all, you are who we do this for​​.