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Facts & Figures

Population Data

The New Zealand census figures listed below, show the number of NZ residents born in Greece. Many New Zealand Greeks were born in countries other than Greece and these figures are not available (eg. Egypt, Romania, Russia).

1874 census: 77
1901 census: 123
1951 census: 369
1976 census: 942
2001 census: 1660
2013 census: 2586

Ethnic Identity

In the Census ,people were asked to indicate the ethnic group or groups with which they identified. The numbers include those who indicated more than one group.

2001 census Greek (including Greek Cypriot): 2,280
2006 census Greek (including Greek Cypriot): 2,418
2013 census Greek (including Greek Cypriot): 2586


In the last census,2018, there were 3211 under the Religious Affiliation category of Greek Orthodox.