Radio Stations

Radio Programmes

Currently there are three Greek language radio programmes, which are broadcast every Sunday afternoon, from 1pm to 4pm.

The times are as follows:


Cyprus Community                    from 1pm - 2pm. Sundays
Greek Orthodox Community     from 2pm - 3pm. Sundays
Greek Orthodox Holy Metropolis     from 3pm - 4pm. Sundays

Cyprus Community

Presented by Mario Kotsapas, the Cyprus Community radio show is dedicated to all Hellenism and lovers of Cypriot and Greek and both traditional and popular/Λαϊκή music. The latest news is always part of the show and predominantly, their slogan is we will not forget 'Δεν Ξεχνώ'.

Greek Orthodox Community

The Greek Orthodox Community program is sponsored and managed by the Greek Orthodox Community of Wellington Inc. Bringing you the latest news, a wide variety of music, upcoming events, notices, live dedications and requests to Wellington’s Greek Community. Has been broadcasting for over 30 Years. Currently Presented by: Nicky Yiavasis-Christie

If you would like to join our presenting team, then please contact the Radio Coordinator - Jim Christie, or the committee at

You can listen to the shows live, every Sunday on the Access Radio Website by clicking here.


Greek Orthodox Holy Metropolis