notice board   Tsalikis Tour | 8 September 2017 - 08/09/2017


​​​​​​Giorgos Tsalikis is a world famous, multiple platinum award winning, Greek artist​ who has been in the Greek pop music scene for over 17 years and has had numerous number one hits over his career. His on​-​stage energy and presence sets him apart as a ​true performer. Giannis Kritikos features in the performance combining traditional Cretan Lyra musical limericks (mantinades), as well as more traditional nisiotika, zeimbekika and syrta. The artists will be accompanied by their full band from Greece, ensuring the performance​ ​is of highest quality.​ ​The event’s full production will guarantee an authentic professional bouzouki night which will cover a wide spectrum of music, ensuring that this event is perfect for everyone. Further to the music, the event will be professionally catered for, treating guests to​ Authentic Greek cuisine over the course of the night.

Giorgos Tsalikis actively visits other countries to promote cultural diversity and the need for all cultures to unite. Giannis Kritikos loves and values traditional music but understands that times are changing. Giannis tries to make traditional Cretan music more accessible to the youth by combining the traditional Cretan lyra with his mantinades (serenades). He adapts the traditional type of mantinades to more modern relatable ones which ​include the modern issues faced by today's society. Once we became aware of the importance of these artists and their core values, we banded together to bring them here. These qualities are key and align with our vision of revitalising our culture, uniting our people and sharing our culture with New Zealand.

If any profits are made, the proceeds will be shared equally between the Greek Orthodox Community of Wellington Inc and Wellington Hospitals Foundation, both being New Zealand Charitable Organisations.

This event is proudly supported by the Greek Orthodox Community of Wellington Inc.



Tsalikis Tour | 8 September 2017